Take a Walk - Save a Child

This the home of our CharityMiles team, KidMiles. Charity Miles is a smartphone app that connects companies who want to donate to charity with people who want to walk / bike / run. You just log in to the app and a donation is sent depending on your miles to the charity of your choice!

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Walking in the Rain

Today Jenniffer and I walked in the rain for Save the Children. It was quite an adventure, and we logged another 5 miles between the two of us. Our actual mileage was something like 3.47 (what my mileage showed, which based on past experience with the route is about right), but somehow on Jenniffer’s phone it only registered 2.77 miles. Anyway it was still a great effort and pushed the team’s mileage up to 20 so far.

Not sure what happened there, but changing into dry clothes and the low tech hot chocolate at the end made it all worthwhile!